3D model which created on Blender is drawing without texture

I’ve tracked the Alpha value issue down to Assimp importer material.Opacity value, which comes set to 0 (in OpenAssetImporter.Import() method).
I think it must be a bug in Assimp library when processing binary formated blender fbx exports.
Note: It only hapens with binary exported fbx files. When i convert the Blender’s binary fbx export into ascii format (using fbx converter 2013), it defines Opacity as 1 and the Assimp also correctly reads the value.
Alas we must use binary exported fbx since ASCII exported fbx files get the error message: Assimp.AssimpException: Error importing file: FBX-DOM unsupported, old format version.

So I did not understand which blender version is best for monogame.
And who can show tutorial how to create model with texture on blender and build it on Pipeline Tool?

There you go: http://community.monogame.net/t/how-to-export-process-load-and-draw-textured-model-from-blender-basic/
I’ll do a more Advanced version over the weekend.

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Umm… I’m going to ask a stupid question, but…

Did you try putting in effect.TextureEnabled = true; into your for loop dealing with effects?

protected override void Draw(GameTime gameTime)
            foreach (ModelMesh mesh in _model.Meshes)
                foreach (BasicEffect effect in mesh.Effects)
                    effect.View = viewMatrix;
                    effect.World = worldMatrix;
                    effect.Projection = projectionMatrix;
                    effect.TextureEnabled = true;

Yes I tried this yesterday. Texture is covering but repeating, whole texture covers each face

Hmm… I’m shooting in the dark (mainly due to not knowing much), but check your model’s UV map in Blender. I think that improperly unwrapped model can cause issues when rendering texture ingame.

Yes, I’ve already gotten it. It’s very difficult for me

There are a bunch of tutorials on you tube for texturing a cube most all of them require you to mark seems on the cube or sphere before unwrapping it.

Once you do that blender has another tool that will let you subdivide it down to a sphere.

If you just need a sky sphere specifically though i have class that will generate one programmatically. It will generate the uv’s proper to wrap a standard skybox texture onto it. It also generates the normals and can flip them as well for spheres or for a skysphere as well as finding the tangents. (from which you can find a binormal if you so desired from the normal and tangent, in order to apply a normal map to it, i do it on the shader though). It works by tessellating a cube so you can set the lod.