A couple of 3D android apps

Hey all!

Just thought I’d share my MG Android apps! Both are 3D games, and both are pretty new and differ from each other quite a lot.

The first is Perilune - my 3D lunar landing simulator which I shared a while back in an unfinished state. It’s now up on the app store, and is free while I try to get it established and gauge interest:

The second is a very simple little physics simulation called Swingball! There’s no aim - rather I was just happy with the physics model and thought it could function as a fun time killer or ‘stress ball’ type app:

If you like either, a rating would be much appreciated :grinning:

Merry Christmas all!


Just throwing this one back under the bus:

Seasons Greetings!



Thanks for the reply - yeah that’s still on my mind! If I have success with a smaller audience (no major issues appear that I didn’t foresee) then I’ll get in touch with him, and a couple of other space you tubers! Also possibly astronomy magazines as I’ve seen software reviews in those before too :smiley:

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Hm, I am curious on how you optimized the rendering for mobile devices.
I am currently trying to do some prototyping 2d top down stuff with monogame-android and 3d.
Drawing 1-4 quads is okay… but rendering more quads and doing collisions checks just turnes my whole phone black :confused: