Add templates for Visual Studio Mac

You need the *development version, I should have been more precise.

Thx, problem solved after installed the development version.

I have just followed the instruction(s) on this thread to get the Mac version of monogame working. There is an issue that seems to be with the file paths which is stopping visual studio from running the application. It runs in the xamarin profiler and shows a blue background so Iā€™m calling that a win!

For longevity I have condensed the steps here;

  • Follow instructions on install page
  • Install Dev version of MonoGame (not v_x.x)
  • Open visual studio - you will not have the template!
  • Visual Studio community -> extensions -> find the alpha repository -> click toggle box!
  • Restart Visual studio
  • Should be golden from there!

Hopefully someone will find that helpful!

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