this sample is not working in latest monogame ,there are lot’s of changes in interfaces and class names ,any idea how to make rewarded Ad to work?

Thanks for the adjustment
I found a library that works with xamarin android and ios admob (interstitial, rewards…).
on the other hand I can not integrate it on monogame
Can you help me ?

Thank you

The Xamarin wrapper around Xamarin.GooglePlayServices.Ads.Lite is still broken, but there is a workaround documented in this thread:

I was able to get AdMob working using that bit of code :+1:

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thank you i will try this does it work with ios?


I found a solution that works well
reward interstitial banner…

the problem is that it only runs on xamarinForms

this is the one I site before
is anyone willing to help me develop a solution that integrates this work into monogaming?
I don’t know how one can call views in monogame or call monogame in xamarin forms

thank you