Any Monogame starter for 3d project?


I’m looking for a Monogame project starter optimized for 3d with a scenegraph and camera management, mouse picking…

Something that would get me started rather than rebuilding things from scratch

Is there anything like that?
Or a higher level framework on top for monogame?

You could try @kosmonautgames deferred engine.

Alternatively Protogame is one of the few full-blown engines built on MG that has proper 3D support, with a deferred rendering pipeline.

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Let’s have a look to Protogame then :slight_smile:
Thank you @Jjagg

Protogame is very big indeed without community.
Also noticed that there is no Transform struct, and are supposed to be implemented via IEntity interface which is a bad design, and is performance waste. It’s like implementing Matrices as IMatrix.

No offence to the author, but this doesn’t look reliable.

The transform class is here.

Often you’ll use ComponentizedEntity or Entity, and not implement IEntity directly. ComponentizedEntity in particular is already heavily optimized.

I should add that we’ve heavily profiled real games that use our transform structure, and done several optimization passes to the point where the transform and matrix calculations are not a significant component of time spent in each frame. So we’re pretty confident that it’s good enough for most games.

There’s still room for improvement, but it’d have to actually register on a profiler before we have any measurable steps to take.

oh I see I was actualy reading an outdated documentation here

Now I remember you @hachque from gitter, you do build a lot of cool things :slight_smile:

I might give another look in the future, but this is too big for my project, I’m working on procedural mesh generation dedicated for 3d printers, this doesn’t really suit my need.

I just need few things mostly a scenegraph and I found this

thanks to @GeonBit

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Hey @GeonBit, I’ve just noticed you are currently working on an engine
could you tell us more about it? :slight_smile:

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Hi @raizam, thank you for the interest :slight_smile:

The engine is an Entity-Component-System based engine that basically implements scene hierarchy, basic optimizations (like octree culling and bounding-box / sphere based culling), components for all basic functionality and things like materials, skinned animation etc.

In addition its integrated with Bullet3d so physics are easy to add.

Some more info here GeonBit engine first release!

It still very new so expect some changes etc. Also it doesn’t supported deferred lighting yet, if that’s a problem. But it provides a lot of useful stuff out of the box.

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After evaluating GeonBit 's engine, I have to say I’m really impressed by the work done.

This engine settles a solid and straightforward foundation for any kind of game.
It’s clean, versatile, this has already lot of features and yet it looks light.

Congrats @GeonBit
I might want to contribute :slight_smile:



Just wanted to say that I’m using his interface system GeonBit.UI, which is part of the GeonBit Engine and usable independently as a UI library.

It’s very clean and well described. On top of it it’s a lot of fun to use; it was fastly possible to add own customizations and integrate it into your own environment.

So I can definitley reccomend his stuff :slight_smile:


@raizam @BlizzCrafter thank you very much :slight_smile: