Are there any open source MonoGame projects around?

Because issues on github are too limited for discussing IMHO (and they’ve not been design to fulfill this purpose anyway.)

I agree, GitHub issues are fine to me. I don’t like having to register for another forum and keeping it all in GitHub makes this easier to manage.

Hey to all of you:

So I signed up on the other forum, its fine and instantaneous… Seems like a fine “project site” to me…

But it looks like we need to use GitHub anyway, as a means of sharing code efficiently.

-Any way, I say go ahead and START the github project, and instruct the rest of us how to sign in to the project.

I dont see that it has the potential to drag us down in any way.

It is a while now and as I see, unfortunately, people talk but don’t act… as usual :older_man: (smiley set miss politician :P)

Im still lurking here, waiting for something to come along… Ive been thinking of an ant-farm 2d strategy game…

I should probably mention here.

@SoundGoddess has been working on the Open Solitaire project which is an open source MonoGame project. Pretty cool.

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Same! I didn’t like the idea of another forum and didn’t like the game idea honestly. I also have exams right now, so not much time atm.

I really like that idea :smiley:

Hi all

I really like the idea you all have here of a community project, I too am wanting to learn monogame and already made a “flappy bird” type clone from a tutorial I saw, but that was last year - not done anything for a while in monogame. :frowning:

Wow this bring back memories - are you talking about the “SimAnt” game or something else? (see links below).

As for Github - I’ve never used this - I come from a TFS background and also use Visual Studio Online for my personal code (so I can work on it in my lunch hour at work) - simply because both of these are built into Visual Studio 2015 (which is what I use) and never had the need to connect up to github, but I’m sure it’s just as easy to use with a plugin.

Maxis SimAnt (1991):

Ant Farm Simulator:

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GitHub seems to be the flavour around here. (Probably because MonoGame is hosted in GitHub, or may just be coincidence).


An ant farm game actually sounds really good, simple yet loads to learn inside of it. If you are up for leading it and managing the GitHub I would gladly help contribute.

So far I have sort of got a handle on menu systems (using stacks and screen/state manager), input and remapping keys. Using Render targets to handle resolution independence.

Let me know if you go ahead with this.

I think you’ll find that github is just really popular now days. As you can see by this Google Trends graph.

TFS / Visual Studio Online barely registers in comparison.

I use TFS at my day job and github at home. Once you get used to github it’s way better imho.

I’m surprised that VSO is so low - as you can have projects on there and have them private for free, where with github’s all public - e.g. I have one on VSO where I’m working on it at home AND in my lunch hour at work so VSO is ideal for me.

I pay $7 a month for unlimited private repos on github. Yes, it costs money but it’s totally worth it imho. Github is a much better experience and that’s worth paying for.

Agreed (All though I get it for free being a student :stuck_out_tongue:).

Speaking of which, if you can just simply prove to GitHub you are in enrolled in a course you can get student access (free private repos).

:slight_smile: Life is a course, does that count?

Been looking at github yesterday and do like the “openness” of it and how you can fork other peoples projects. It does have that. Maybe I’m just not used to sharing my rubbish code with people.

It is a good way to learn.

yeah, the second one was more what I had in mind, visually… They would grab pixels and carry them to the mound above to dig tunnels. But I was thinking some sort of “easy networking” multiplayer, where you dont need to worry about direct control over individual ants, or fast micro reactions… More like you tune the hive mind; set aggression level or “gather radius” etc… A bit like dungeon keeper perhaps.

So the networking: Only when a player has tweaked his hive behav. sliders, data would be sent. And only when all machines are synced do the changes take place on all machines. That way, every player runs the same simulation independently…

@monopalle Wow Dungeon Keeper - that brings back some good memories too :slightly_smiling:

Interesting idea - I’ve recently been looking at networking side of monogame using the Lidgren Library, which the DLL is actually shipped with monogame if you didn’t know. I’ve found a couple good links on how to use it:

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Nice! Does it happen to come with a way to test/debug with only one physical machine? I don’t have access to anyone who would test a game 400 times as I learn networking :slightly_smiling:

@monopalle The 2nd video above is a speed coding series and has I think 14 parts to it, you can go to the video link and in the description there is a download for the full source. The source is actually split up into 14 parts when you unzip it each part getting into more details -e,g. #1 the basics, #5 commands, 14 - the whole “game” where the server controls the players, movement and the enemies etc. I’ve not bothered watching the video as it’s too quick for me, but the code is good.

As for testing - you would test on the one machine and use the IP address of “localhost” so you run the server, and then on the same machine run the client. The first video shows a good example of this where he has the server running, and then runs the client 5 times as if it’s different players. You would create a solution in VS2015 and create 3 projects at least, 1 = client, 2 = server, 3 = shared classes - the 3rd one would contain things like “player class” etc, all this would be in one solution - you can then set the solution to run both client and server project at the same time, and just debug as normal. - Well that’s the basic understanding I have of it anyway - only been looking at it for a day or so.

I also have another link, but it’s at work and don’t have it on me, I’ll try and remember to post it tomorrow - this link is a very small console client/server - nothing to do with monogame and really shows the basics of how to use it.

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@monopalle Found the other link I mentioned -

Download the Game Network Example at the bottom of his post, it’s done a very simple client server console application (no monogame at all) and has explained each line - this should get you up and running with the basics. the console output has a little “map” section - I changed my version so the map is created on the server and sent as a “map class” to the “client” so the client doesn’t have the map.