Content Files not found until rebuild, Xamarin Android

I need help. I encountered the most annoying I’ve ever had with Monogame. Every time I want to start my Monogame App on my android device, I have to click rebuild first or else I will get a content file not found error. And during the deployment, where there is this text which tells you how much of the file is already deployed, you can see that the file size is much smaller. I haven’t had this issue ever before but now it appears on all my android projects with Monogame.
I am not new to Monogame and no, there are no actual content files missing. All the xnb files’ Build Actions are set to Android Asset.
I am just so damn annoyed when I just want to test out a small change and then have to wait up to a minute to see the result as I have to rebuild everything first. Is there anyone else with this problem, and if yes, how did you fix it.

Hi @DaGammla and Welcome to the Forums!

Asking the daft question but are you setting the item setting to Copy if Newer?

Happy coding!

Thank you for helping!
No I did not until now. Does this change anything? I haven’t used that before without any errors. I will try if it works now

And nope. It doesn’t fix the issue

List your setup.

Using Visual Studio Community 2019.Version: 16.6.3
Target SDK: 8.0 26
Min SDK: 4.1 16
Android SDK Tools Version: 26.1.1
Android SDK Platform-Tools Version: 29.0.5
Installed Android SDK Build Tools: 28.0.3; 29.0.2
Android Emulator Version (Not used): 29.3.0
None other Android SDK Tools are installed
Installed Android SDK Platforms: 4.1 - 16 (Ver. 5); 8.0 - 26 (Ver. 2); 9.0 - 28 (Ver. 6)
Xamarin Version:
Xamarin Android SDK Version:
Monogame Framework Version:

Running from a Windows 10 Machine on Ryzen 5. Occurred for different physical android devices of various android version and also on the android emulator.

Hopefully some android devs chime in here but are the files copying over? can you create a package to sideload?

Hi, I believe this is the same issue as in this topic: Intermittent “The content file was not found” errors.

Have anyone found a fix since then?

Yeah, it seems to be the same and the shared runtime fix doesn’t do it for me

Although I think it also occures on projects without references to shared projects for me

The only sure way I’ve found is click Build-> Clean solution then press F5 for debugging. That seems to build and deploy everything.

Yep, I can also approve that. I’ve been using this for a while but it still is annoying