Cymatically Muffed is now live on Steam :)

Hey MonoGame friends! Our new game is live. Check out the trailer, and if it looks like it’d be your sorta jib, then you can wishlist it on Steam :slight_smile:

Short Description
“Explore the world or battle it out with your friends across a wide variety of levels in this local multiplayer top-down shooter with an exciting adventure campaign designed for 1-4 cooperative players and a player-vs-player mode built for 2-16 players.”


Looks good! This reminds me of a modern version of the old Endless War flash games I used to love as a kid. 16 player PvP would be a lot of fun if you have a big enough screen!

We thought having 16 players would really only work for 4k monitors/tvs, but it’s actually still quite playable in just 1080p. Not super great, probably best to keep it to 10-12 or so, but still :slight_smile:

Muffed is now available in Early Access!


Muffed’s level editor is now publicly available (you don’t need to own the game to use it). We’d love to hear any feedback anyone has about it!