Did you know that Stride is basically MonoGame with a 3d editor?

I was tempted. I installed the Stride fancy installer app.

I then tried to install stride and the Visual Studio plugin.
The stride install failed after several minutes.

The ‘plugin’ install started installing Visual Studio 2019 Community.
I panicked and stopped the install and ended up having to reinstall it completely.

It shouldn’t install visual studio, i think you misunderstood. It might update or add missing features, for that the visual studio installer has to open.

But, yes, it’s never a good idea to stop an installer mid-way. I think it’s normal that you have to run it again then.

Stride has now joined the .NET foundation:


We are looking for .NET developers with experience in the 3d field who can help to work on bugs and features. There is also some funding.

I my opinion, Stride has the best shader system that currently exists, this might be quite interesting to people who like to develop GPU stuff.

If if that sounds good to you, you can join our Discord or write on Github. The links are on the foundation site linked above.


Yeah, I was excited to stumble upon this too. Unfortunately you can’t sail a ship without a captain.
Let’s pick an example. The simplest of the features for a modern engine & editor, an LOD system, has been in talks for 5 years!?!? (LOD: Add a LOD script · Issue #39 · stride3d/stride · GitHub) :smile: WITH PRs sitting there related to this topic for 2 years. Now imagine you have a problem in PROD with your game built on this engine. No, I’m not saying MonoGame is better at this.

Well in story 1, you have zero control I guess…

In story 2, you have the option to:

And resume…

Yes, of course you can do that. In most cases though, because the PRs have been ignored for so long, merges will cause conflicts and it’s up to you to solve those conflicts, at which point I hope you’re already intimate with the inner workings of that engine :slight_smile:

But that’s not necessarily the point I was trying to make. That was just an example, and a very simple one.

As it goes with any open source project out there, you not only need a good enough traction when you marry with one, but also good stewardship. And if the people in control don’t feel like they have the passion or the time anymore, they should let the reins go and let others pick up where they left off. They should also understand that they won’t always get good quality PRs from people and it’s up to them to orchestrate getting them up to acceptable standards instead of ignoring them.

Hi guys :wave:

Does Stride support all major consoles (including Switch and PS?)