Difficultys FBX blender to monogame.

Ah thanks kitcat i somehow missed that post, i tried that example got it up and running straight away it works great.

I wish i had seen that earlier.

I can see almost all the data so far.
Ill have to take a look at your keyframes example as im not sure how to put that into a model class.
Im also not sure were the blend weights are yet in the ascii file they are in the subdeformers,

Correct me if im wrong there isn’t anything that is like a vertex group that has bones and weight index lists for nodes. It would seem that would be the natural way to do it but i don’t see that in the scene data.
It just looks like the blend weights are attached to the bones and have the vertice indices listed.
So do you have to build the mesh parts on your own if you want to do the weights on the shader ?
I mean i can do it its not a big deal i just figured it would be in there somewere and i was missing it.

First of all, sorry if my answer is not accurate. The main work on my exporter was done 4 or 5 years ago, and my memory is not what it used to be. I’m too old for this fbx crap ^^

Yes, you’re right. The reason the weight info of bones are attached to meshes (instead of weight info attached to nodes) is that a bone can be tied to several meshes at the same time.

If you have only one mesh and several bones, the node-weight structure would be ok.

However if you have several meshes and several bones (i.e. dude.fbx) you probably couldn’t prewsent all the data without duplicating data (or would be harder to access to) For dude.fbx you’ll have to generate skinning data for several meshes (head, body, …) , you’ll probably see there the reason they chose this layout , specially if you optimize nodes (i.e. the foot nodes are not needed if you’re only rendering and animating the head)

As a side note, what I did with my exporter (in case it’s useful to you, maybe you’re already doing that) is creating my own data structures (that matches the ones needed in the game) fill them with assimp data, and then write them to disk.
At first I tried to directly dump the data as it came from assimp and it was too chaotic. Assimp needs some amount of preprocessing to get the data as you wish (specially with skinning and animation channels).