Exipelago [WIP]

Some of you may know me from a series about my own implementation of a voxel engine with some distinct features like terrain slicing and such.

So after a lot of time tinkering with the engine itself and working on to make an actual game out of it, I am now here to announce Exipelago!

Current State of the game: Pre-Alpha

So basically, Exipelago is going to be a village simulation placed on a voxel island, where you control a tribe of people building their own thriving village. There is different block types, different materials, procedural trees & plants (which grow in realtime!), dynamic water, potential day/night cycle, mining ressources, digging caves, gathering food and building stuff.

And I made an ingame editor for almost everything. You can make your own plants, own trees, own textures, own assets. One fundamental of the game is it’s material system, where each buildable asset has some sort of source material (like a table needs plank, which needs logs, which are gathered from trees) - and depending on what sort of material (different trees will yield different looking wood) was used, the item itself will reflect that visually (that’s somehing which made the whole game pretty complex)

I also want to have complex production chains and also plan to have each villager have some sort of their own mind, like they all wanna eat different things for example, so the challenge will rise with bigger villages to just keep everyone happy.

While still in heavy development, I’ll do regulary “behind-the-scenes” videos about progress and more detailed insight into the current state of the game, right now there is only 1 episode out, but the next one will come soon.

The game is already available for wishlisting on steam (don’t wait. wishlist now)
I’ve made a subreddit
and also a discord server

as I really would love to get players involved into what will ultimately become the game I regulary look into those places and check for feedback and/or questions


That looks cool, nice work :slight_smile: