I’m trying to convert a fbx file with the pipeline.exe but it doesn’t work.
It says that the version of the fbx is old. I import the file with 3d studio and export it by using a newer version of the fbx (2012). In this case the pipeline gives another error.

I tried to use the content pipeline with xna installed and using vs 2013 and it seems to work.

I’d prefer to use pipeline also to teach to student. The other way implies installing XNA and vs 2010 and window phone 7 sdk.

The link to the dropbox directory where the files are contained is: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/havxmctpp856qc9/AADmCu68AfrY3X7T9FHCt8J7a?dl=0


For future readers - this is a fantastic walkthrough of how to do it: