Frustrated - how to get started?


Environment: Visual Studio 2012 Premium (update 4) on Windows 8.1.

I want develop a small game using MonoGame in VS2012. I’ve tried two ways to get MonoGame incorporated in my solution but none of them (seemingly) works.

Try 1 - create empty Phone App and then use Nuget to install monogame. Result: MonoGame installs but there is no reference to MonoGame so Texture2D etc. etc. doesn’t work. Basically the solution doesn’t compile. Trying to manually add the references gives no better result.

Try 2 - using the MonoGame-3.2 installer. Result: I can select and create the correct MonoGame template. I add some code to show a sprite. Everything compiles, emulator starts and then … black screen. For some reason the Initialize method in the Game1 class is not called (I’ve googled a bit - others have the same problem but I haven’t found a decent workaround).

I am a bit frustrated. I feel so close to the finishing line - smelling the sweet smell of victory. Still - close, but no cigar!

Can somebody please give me a link to a tutorial which works? Or any other help …

Please! :slight_smile:

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The second method seems correct. Which template did you chose?
Also some code would be helpfull :stuck_out_tongue:

(by the way, if you’ve already used XNA and are looking to add a content project you need to install this in order to work properly in VS2012

Actually, I googled a bit and found this thread:

The solutions presented in that thread by NogginBox and MiShu works in Visual Studio 2012 + MonoGame 3.2 as well.

Seems to be a bug in MonoGame v3.2.


Link to entire thread is:

3.2 on Windows Phone 8 just shows black screen

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