"Game1.exe" debug profile doesn't exist?

“…\source\Game2\Game2\bin\Debug\netcoreapp3.1\Game2.exe” specified in the “Game2” debug profile does not exist.

This is the error window I receive when trying to testrun my program in VS 2019. After a while poking around, I know that monogame hasn’t installed correctly for some reason.

The process I’m aware of is:

  • Install the mentioned workloads
  • Install the extension within VS
  • (Maybe) Run
    “dotnet tool install --global dotnet-mgcb-editor
    mgcb-editor --register”
    in command-prompt.

In the case that this issue is something entirely different, I would also appreciate anyone telling me what causes it and how to fix it.
I hope for a quick response, because this issue is time-sensitive for me. I’m already falling behind assigned tasks because of this.

Hi @Matthew_George, Welcome to the Forums.

Did you resolve this yet?

Happy Coding!

No, not at all.

It would help if you detailed specifics, what OS you are on, which VS Packages you installed, which Project Type you are trying to create, what antivirus you are running…, etc…

I use Windows 10

The packages I have installed are:

  • Node.js development
  • Universal windows platform development
  • .NET desktop development
  • Mobile development
  • Game development with Unity
  • Game development with C++
  • .NET core cross-platform development

I’m trying to use the Monogame windows desktop application (windows directx) project template

and I use Norton Antivirus.

The error code I get is MSB3073.
Edit: Exiting with code 1 (if that changes anything)

Try this:


Is your user folder one which contains a space?

Sorry, I don’t really understand what I’ve read.
I’m brand new to VS and monogame, so I have no prior experience to reference.

Check my other question…

I don’t understand that either. What do you mean by “space”?

s p a c e

So, lest say your folder name is something like “C:\Development\My Projects”, the space between ‘My’ and ‘Projects’ is what @MrValentine is refering to.

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Ah, I see.
No, don’t think so.

I was expecting storage space

Do you have a Game2.exe in the “…\source\Game2\Game2\bin\Debug\netcoreapp3.1” folder?

Might be a daft Q, but you have built it without errors right?

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Game.2 doesn’t read in VS and I don’t see it when I look in the file location manually.

When I testrun the code, it tells me “There were build errors.” in a small white window, if that’s what you mean by building.
Otherwise, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Monogame a few times now, and I’m confident it should be done right. I was even walked through the process by someone else on one of the later times.
I mentioned my process in the original query.

(Sorry for a late reply, I was trying to work my way around my tasks without monogame, and forgot to return to this afterwards.)

No worries, so what are your build errors?

In the followup window after that small white one, it just says game2.exe is missing from the netcoreapp3.1 folder.
Is there somewhere else I check for build errors? It doesn’t tell me anything else.

OK, so, that message is from VS just trying to run your .exe, but, if the exe failed to build, it can’t do that, so I am guessing your issue is before this point.

What happens if you right click on your projcet and select build?

If all goes well, you should be able to see this in the bottom left cornder of VS

If not, then VS should pop open the error window, like this (I just put a simple syntax error in my code)

If you dont have this pop up, you can open it anyway, like this:

If you have errors in there, you can double click them, and it will take you directly to the issue, or at least where it thinks the problem is.

Alright, I’ve done all of that.
I get a really long error description, the one with code MSB3073 as said before. Double-clicking takes me to line 138 in the MonoGame.Content.Builder.Task.targets file.
I don’t know what I’m looking at, so I don’t know what’s wrong.

Command="$(DotnetCommand) $(MGCBPath) $(MonoGameMGCBAdditionalArguments) /@:"%(ContentReference.FullPath)" /platform:$(MonoGamePlatform) /outputDir:"%(ContentReference.ContentOutputDir)" /intermediateDir:"%(ContentReference.ContentIntermediateOutputDir)" /workingDir:"%(ContentReference.FullDir)""

It says this existed with code 1.

OK, this looks like an issue similar to what a few people have had, me included with 3.8. And this is why @MrValentine was asking about spaces in your path.

Try ths fix we came up with here.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


They say it’s because the user file has a space in the name, right? I understand what Mr.Valentine meant now.

Adding the " thing worked!
I didn’t realise exactly how much this issue bothered me until it was resolved.
Sincerely, thank you.

Anyone else having this issue and has clicked on this topic, go to the link provided by Charles_Humphrey