GOD ENGINE for mac ios windows xbox android

GOD(Gathering of Developers) ENGINE monogame in mid 2020

hello i will been release my old engine in full source code with a sample game(fps zombie game)
in mid 2020 working on the zombie game right now
so I hope you all can use this to something or rip the engine apart and use bit and bytes for your own games or just for fun
all is programmed by me include the graphics swell by Michael hansen . the clouds is programmed by Charles Humphrey‏ NemoKrad


fps third collision desctiond with ochre on level and kdtree scene structure render
actors has bounding box or sphere collision decticion
it comes with a lot of effects shaders and an outdoor render(not good for indoor games)
the render is semi raytracing forward render it can be switch to deferred render easy it has the shaders for it

the engine is good for platform games in 3d farcry type games ,racing games,has 3 different water set lo mid high (the video is high) depending on what you are doing

there is no editor but you can switch on the gismo component and create levels

it is a nice engine to start with if you are getting into games programming.

all run realtime everything

merry Christmas to all here at monogame

Michael hansen


Sounds neat, looking forward to the release!