Has Monogame been discontinued?

Does anyone know if it’s been discontinued? last update ofJuly 26th, 2022…

Official releases take time to get enough new work in to justify an update. Development on monogame is still very much active: Commits · MonoGame/MonoGame · GitHub


Hi @juliocmfj, Welcome to the Community!

If you missed my recent thread for new visitors, take a look at it below:
New Here? Read This! - General - Community | MonoGame

I placed the Discord link in there too.

You can find some helpful information in there, I should be adding to it regularly for a while.

And no, MonoGame is very much still going. What are you looking to achieve with MonoGame?

Happy Coding!

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you @MrValentine , no mention of the samples repo in that article :open_mouth:


You are so mean lol


I should probably add it but afraid it would scare beginners away…


These kids must know what it means to Mono, damn it.

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Haha, don’t judge a framework by the update frequency, rather the activity of the community and released games.

An oversimplified analogy is that the fork has not undergone major updates in 4000 years, but billions still use it. :slight_smile:



Why thank you sir, you are too kind. (even though it was a comment and not updating the post :stuck_out_tongue: )
I shall reign in my vehement for now :rofl:


I agree 100%. It was just doubt for the time without updating the framework. I know it works great and is not outdated.
Before I programmed using the Monkey2 language, but it has been discontinued. I still like her a lot. I’m trying to migrate here to MonoGame again.
I’m even developing a library to import maps created using the Tiled software (yes, I know there are already libraries that do the same thing and in a much better way, but I always like to learn more…).
Let’s code…


You won’t hear much argument from me. For instance, I never use the Content Manager for anything, I wrote my own loaders from scratch for textures/audio/json states/shaders etc. Even how to load that stuff from a packed resource file, so be redundant if you have time for it. It will pay off.

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Completely agree with @EnthusiastGuy , apart from minor niggles, the base of MonoGame and XNA before it is completely sound and is one of the best learning programming tools for truly understanding how games work by coding it yourself (do not get me started on Unity #faceslap)

I agree, things could be a little more active but the team are working hard behind the scenes to improve momentum, however, remember, MonoGame is completely open source, no one gets paid to develop this stuff and if you are truly frustrated, just FORK the project and make the change yourself and see how it goes.

All the team is still dedicated to MonoGame and most are still building their own titles, so let’s keep marching on!