Help Us Improve MonoGame Documentation!

The docs are created using SharpDoc ( and it is pretty easy to use and extend. So its more a matter of deciding on a style then doing the work to implement the MSDN style drop down and then fix the build server to SFTP the docs to the correct locations.

Gotcha. MSDN style is nice, especially when you are dealing with updating or back-porting a code base. Also, anyone who’s learned C# is surely familiar with it’s layout and will have an easier getting around.

can we add please add

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Here’s my contribution : MonoGameSamples

These samples are intended to newbies in MonoGame :

  • they are small and self-contained
  • addresses concepts one by one
  • commented when necessary

There are only 4 of them for now but more are to come.

Hopefully you’ll like them and add them to the current list of tutorials !

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@aybe great work. The code looks very clean a newbie friendly.

fixed the link:

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Good evening,

I just joined the forum, but I’ve been interested in helping with this effort for quite a while. I’m still learning MonoGame myself, but I’m an experienced developer and technical writer (I’ve written a lot about teaching others how to program and learn computer science), so I feel like I can help.

I’m working on migrating a project from GameMaker Studio to MonoGame, and have started writing tutorials/devlogs on how I’m doing this. Here are the first two articles:
Migrating to MonoGame
Setting Up the Shared Project

I’m not sure where the best place to post these devlogs is, but I’m hoping they can be helpful.

Also, if there’s anything specific I can do to help please let me know. If there’s any notes or anything that someone has and needs to organize into a more accessible format for documentation, feel free to reach out to me. I’ll read through the rest of this thread to see what else you guys have said.


@CloudyHeavenGms Check this setup up:

It will help you create a cleaner initial project.

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Thanks @Apostolique!