How to install Monogame 3.2 in Ubuntu 14.04?

Try loading the texture for the model manually within the code. Anyway I know about the bug, I just don’t know what’s causing it.

Where would I go about learning how to compile these .mpack files myself? Thanks! :smile:

For writing addins:

For publishing addins:

Also if you already knew that and just ment how to compile mpack from dll, the command is:

mdtool setup pack myaddin.dll

Is there any reason this link is down, or did I miss something?

Really appreciate all of your work with these add-ins

Ups, I guess you are talking about pipeline tool, I moved it to a folder:!yEIHGLjS!OvjruaOdTQmgmTY4RvXLZw
so I could update the tool without updating the link. I thought I had changed it, my bad.

Edit: Updated link:!PQxCCYoQ!3LQ5JglFwFExQnXqvDIoKA

PS. The new monodevelop addin built by dellis:
If you want to download it scroll to the bottom, there should be a link there.

Note to anyone trying to uninstall older version of monogame pipeline, do:

cd /opt/monogame-pipeline/

First cd to the directory and then call the uninstal script. Do this because the uninstall script will remove the working directory instead of the directory in which it is located. I’ve updated pipeline today with the version that is safe for uninstallation by calling the sh script from anywhere.