i'm curious: how was your programming journey with MG?

Users are free to use a separate sound engine if they desire, or even to modify the source code to make it a better fit for their needs if they want.

I’m not a MonoGame maintainer, but I’m pretty sure their top priority was close parity with XNA, so if there’s a deficiency in sound management in the framework, XNA was probably like that too. If you have ideas on how it could be improved, perhaps try bringing them to the attention of MonoGame’s maintainers.

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I don’t think this is a feature many games need but personally I would like to see the MediaPlayer.GetVisualizationData method implemented in MonoGame.

For more ambitious stuff with audio beyond basic playing there are things like FMOD.

yesssss! now that’s what i like to here! lol. Whatever works for you. :slight_smile:

as for the sharing part: i think many people feel the same as you, thinking their code is of no use for others because it’s not up to a certain standard or intended for the public, etc. I think the opposite is true: any code on github is useful, especially the barbaric ones, as they are often the the easiest to read. For example, i personally find code with “components”, “managers”, “utils” etc. classes super hard to read! In fact, I think many games actually are quite barbaric, but just not available to the public. I feel like many game-design patterns are just over-used… but then again i’m not at professional. :slight_smile: Who knows …maybe you were a barbarian in a past life…! :japanese_ogre:

thanks for sharing!

:thinking: i don’t know what this entails… but sounds like magic! Like automatically visualize all game data?? lol

Retrieves visualization (frequency and sample) data for the currently-playing song.

ohhhhh, right, visualization of sound, not game data… lol. my b.