Incorrect kerning when drawing text

Agreed. The difference is very noticeable with the fonts I’m using (Arial). I hope this issue is prioritized and fixed soon since text-rendering affects so much of almost any game. I’m still intentionally using an outdated build of MonoGame.Content.Builder.Task just to avoid this problem.

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I’ve been using FontStashSharp instead for my font rendering for years:

I definitely think the kerning is higher quality.


Thank you! I’m gonna check this out.

Sorry for the newbie question - how would i do this? I am experiencing the same exact issues with 3.8.1 and am very much new to MonoGame.

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More people are complaining about it…

Well, I’ve finally migrated to FontStashSharp. It’s not perfect, but miles ahead of SpriteFont…
Just look at the difference…

my devlog post


I just disabled kerning in the font file, now it looks far better.