Information/ menus/ user input.

I’m sure people have built some stunningly complicated classes and pretty complete containers for building menus, drop downs, text and user input.

The depth of my toes in this muddy water so far only go as deep as displaying simple graphics with simple instructions; Press Enter To Start. Press Esc To End. Kind of thing.

Does anyone have any tips, or are there any addons for menu creation and user input gathering?

I’ve seen posts on running a Monogame instance in a WinForm, which I may want to do at some point, but not at the moment.


Good timing for you, there are a number of competing User Interface developers who provide their GUIs for free use.

Here is the thread:

That might be a bit long to look through, here is a google doc that was made with an overview:

It might be a bit overwhelming, what I can say is that I tried the one included in
Monogame.Extended (and it seemed nice)
and Myra, which seems very complete.

Myra UI is another user interface currently being developed. The author responds quite quickly on the forums to questions.

Here is the GitHub link…