Loading cubemaps generated with MonoGame pipeline

I am trying new MonoGame Pipeline and I get stucked with loading cubemaps. Loading crashes in ContentReader class. It tries to load the texture as Texture2D instead of TextureCube. Are cube maps supported? Thanks for your time. Vodacek

And what about mip-maps? @Tom

It tries to load the texture as Texture2D instead of TextureCube.

How are you writing the TextureCube object? Is this a custom content processor?

And what about mip-maps?

As you found out… it wasn’t there.

Thanks for submitting the feature! I hope to merge it soon.

I just have code from XNA, no custom content processor, just try to pass DDS file with multiple faces. I also try to resolve this by using FreeImage. But without any results. Always only one face was detected… Maybe we can try to use NVidia DDS library to do that for us.

Mip maps are easy to made, results are not so good as in XNA version, but it is just start :slight_smile:

That is probably not implemented… but we should fix that.

Can you enter a feature request please…

Issues · MonoGame/MonoGame · GitHub

Does anyone have custom Content importer/processor for Cubemaps? It takes 6 textures for each face and merge them into cubemap. Thank you :slight_smile:

A very basic DDS importer https://github.com/tainicom/ProtonType
DLL: https://github.com/tainicom/ProtonType/tree/master/bin/Release/Windows/Content.Pipeline

I use it to import cubemaps from the ATI CubeMapGen tool and what I wanted was to preserve any MipMap and DXT1 info. It can also convert DXT1 to Color. If it doesn’t work for you let me know.

If you could provide me a sample multi-face DDS to test with, I can make the content build pipeline work with it.

This is not implemented then, right?

I can load the cubemap into monogame, but it shows as black. That said I cannot say for certain that the cubemap is generated correctly

At least some formats should work. @KonajuGames got a couple PRs merged in develop related to cubemaps.

oh i forgot that newer Monogame versions don’t work for me :frowning: , sorry for reviving this old thread

You’re talking about the issue you described in this topic, right? How do I load FX files?
If you can share a shader that fails for you I’ll take a look. You’re missing out on a bunch of nice things and bugfixes if you stick with 3.5.

EDIT: I think the problem might be that you’re not setting the GraphicsProfile to HiDef? That would cause a SharpDX exception when creating the shader. For everything above 4_0_level_9_3 you need to set the GraphicsProfile to HiDef. This isn’t documented very well and a lot of people have run into this :confused: I quickly checked the code for your deferred rendering engine and noticed it doesn’t set the GraphicsProfile so I thought this may be the issue.

wow, that actually did it.

Strange that I overlooked that, very happy the program starts now.

The .dds is still black though, as said it may very well be a faulty cubemap export, though I can reimport the file into cubemapgen and work with it.

Here is a link
8bit RGBA btw