Migrating Old Tutorial Projects from Learning C# by programming games

Hi All

Sorry for what might be a duplicate post.

As a relatively new monogame coder I’m working through exercises in the book Learning C# by programming games second edition. I have a clean VS22 install using the nuget packages.

VS22 is throwing issues where the project just wont open.

So I downloaded Monogame 3.71 installer and ran that, the project would then load, however i then had issues with MCGB and could not get that to open or to do anything with the content files.

My so my question is

  1. now that i have downloaded 3.71 and can open the project, what do i need to do it either migrate it to 3.8.1 or how can i get MCGB working with 3.71. I know there are differences in project setting files which may make this migration not worthwhile

  2. is it easier to just install and instance of VS 2017 or 19 and install monogame 3.7 and the associated templates from the installer. and just use the older VS to look at old code?

My ideal is to not have to create new projects and migrate code. Im happy for the old projects to continue to be old projects, im using them as a reference rather than active development.

Keen on any thoughts or guidance people can provide. I have other entire projects ( eg example games ) which i really dont want to have to migrate to get them to run.


UPDATE : So one step closer, i right clicked on the content.mcgb file and change the program to not be the MCGB editor but the older Pipeline Editor tool. THis allows me to open an instance of MCGB ( Pipeline tool ). However trying to do a build throws errors around not be able to reference the DLL “Freeimage” from within the Texture Importer. Looks like if i can solve that last issue i can use vs22 with MG 3.7 and old file formats. thoughts? :slight_smile:

You can try to use my build, it’s working similar to the 3.7.1 SDK.
It’s up to date with changes and bug fixes, works with VS2022, and fixed the Freeimage dll issue.
You have to uninstall 3.7.1 SDK and then install the MGSetup3.8.9101.exe

Thanks, i might give that a go, hoping someone comes through with a similar fix for the older pipeline tool. Read of someone missing a dll from Vc++ distrib, installed that but still no go…

Looks like this is the trick


i installed the newest version which didnt work. went for 2013 and hey presto