Mod Tool - Normal maps

Release version of Mod Tool for Wayward Terran Frontier: Zero fall:

Some of features:
Normal map generation from Height map
Normal map generation from Diffuse map
Roughness map from Normal map (both preloaded and generated)

Altho it was made specifically for WTF:ZF feel free to use it for any other purpose.


Awesome! The tool looks very nice!
Did you come up your own algorithm for the normal map generation? I’m curious how you did it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I use my own algorithm which runs in realtime on GPU. I can describe some details later.

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This will come handy. I used the same parameters in a customcontentprocessor but sometimes the nvidia dll failed so I gave up. Many thanks

Implemented bilateral processing when Normal From Diffuse is used. It is not included in currently linked build, I will upload new version later once I am done with tooltips.

Good job ! :thumbsup:

Updated download link. This version has bilateral preprocessing and is quite a large step from last one if you are using Normal from Diffuse, have fun.

Added tool to reshape horizontal profile of object:

(link not updated yet)


Wrote myself little preview feature I intend to use to make some game related materials, atm dev only feature:


Combine normal maps, while letting you generate detail (second) normal map from Height or Diffuse

Current version was threw at Testers and I will upload it here after I wake up.


Hi, I don’t understand how I can move the light’s position ? :grin:

You can´t move dominant light, you can move omni light which follows cursor after you toggle it on.

Also: Link updated with newest version.

I’m maybe a little bit dumb but where can I toggle it ? :sweat_smile:
And also, there is a way to change the window size ?

New version released

New version released:

Main feature - you can use Height maps and Normal maps of higer resolution than diffuse, it will be resized on export, this is very important feature if it uses it corretly (it is used for every vanilla ship)

Implemented dynamic scroll bars to allow screen resizing.

Fixed bug where specific sequence of light and right clicks with specific condition when focusing horizontal profile frame caused crash.

Slider focus control, it is no longer possible to drag several sliders at same time (personally I liked it, but users requested to “fix it”)

ModLab (previously modTool) used to generate normal and roughness from texture.


New version is up:

Preset saving/loading

Dominant light direction

Lot of GUI improvement and handling

Close windows confirm dialog


Steam page is up, coming soon.


Just came across this tool, i’m only starting with 2D shaders and this seems very helpful, thanks for sharing it !

Will it cost something on Steam?

Edit: I missed the “free” part of the description, silly me. Thanks for your generosity :wink: