Mod Tool - Normal maps

Combine normal maps, while letting you generate detail (second) normal map from Height or Diffuse

Current version was threw at Testers and I will upload it here after I wake up.


Hi, I don’t understand how I can move the light’s position ? :grin:

You can´t move dominant light, you can move omni light which follows cursor after you toggle it on.

Also: Link updated with newest version.

I’m maybe a little bit dumb but where can I toggle it ? :sweat_smile:
And also, there is a way to change the window size ?

New version released

New version released:

Main feature - you can use Height maps and Normal maps of higer resolution than diffuse, it will be resized on export, this is very important feature if it uses it corretly (it is used for every vanilla ship)

Implemented dynamic scroll bars to allow screen resizing.

Fixed bug where specific sequence of light and right clicks with specific condition when focusing horizontal profile frame caused crash.

Slider focus control, it is no longer possible to drag several sliders at same time (personally I liked it, but users requested to “fix it”)

ModLab (previously modTool) used to generate normal and roughness from texture.


New version is up:

Preset saving/loading

Dominant light direction

Lot of GUI improvement and handling

Close windows confirm dialog


Steam page is up, coming soon.


Just came across this tool, i’m only starting with 2D shaders and this seems very helpful, thanks for sharing it !

Will it cost something on Steam?

Edit: I missed the “free” part of the description, silly me. Thanks for your generosity :wink:

WTB first post edit… oh well, here we go then:

ModLab is completely free, but please, if you enjoy this software and find it useful consider visiting my Patreon page, thank you.


All Patrons (in this round this includes suporter tier)
are able to vote in current poll which will run till Monday 12th March
after which I will start working on implementation of winning option.

  1. Image export for Background generator - In this iteration I would be aiming to create export into one layer
    2D image. Resolution would be settable between 512x512 to 4096x4096. In
    future this would open path for further improvement of space background
    generator and very possibly export of spherical 360 3d map.

  2. Ability to chose shader model - Schlick’s approximation is currently used for rendering, on top of
    that it is slightly modified version. I would like to offer option to
    pick between several shader models. First additional model would be very
    basic phong model (which is much more primitive than currently used
    Schlick). Main motivation behind this would be creating framework itself
    for realtime shader model swap. In future this would lead to ability to
    preview textures in specific rendering environment being identical or
    close to Unity/Unreal Engine.

  3. Optimization - realtime processing is done on GPU but it can be demanding, especially on older
    GPUs… or on any GPU if used for processing large textures. There are
    several optimizations that can be done. Largest one would be to process
    texture only on value change and that would be first step. In future
    this will open way for some additional functionality that would use
    gained performance.

  4. Increased quality of Medium and Large elements - I am not very happy with with medium and large elements quality when
    generating normal map from Height map or Diffuse map. Luckily I know
    exactly what is the cause and what to do with it. For cost of some
    performance (and of course some work) I can greatly improve quality of
    these elements.

Patreon link: stream from yesterday about upcoming features and improvements.

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ModLab v1.1 preview:

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patch v1.1 released

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Tutorial for v1.2 which can now generate Curvature and use it to generate or improve roughness maps.


Second voting Patreon voting poll concluded some time ago and I bring goodies. Results shown that users want to improve roughness map, which was admittedly
the weakest part of ModLab. To improve it I need some extra data, specifically curvature. This version of ModLab let you generate curvature from Normal map and use it to improve Roughness map. On top of it even if you provide your own Roughness map you can use new data to add some details to it.

As seen here:

Curvature itself is quite powerful information. For that reason if Curvature is generated it will get saved (unless exporting for WTF:ZF format) and can be used in any 2D editors. Red channel contains grey mid point information, green isolated edges and blue isolated cavities.

I made quick tutorial about using ModLab for sprite:

Change log:
-New Roughness processing!
-Large amount of features relevant to roughness
-Curvature from Normal map
-Wrote bypass for PNG compression
-Rare bug when part of saved image is missing should be fixed
-Better GUI separators

Big thanks to all Patrons. If you want to support ModLab, want to be able to vote regarding future development or simply want access to new version slightly sooner then please visit Patreon page:

Steam announcement link:

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There will be stream around 22:30 UTC today at about new large feature in upcoming Patch, which is space nebula generator.

Also there will some talk about planned features including sprite volume from its alpha.


Aaaand it’s live: