MonoDevelop 5.1 Add-Ins?

The available add-ins don’t work with the latest/greatest MonoDevelop built from git. The plugins only support 4.x.

Is there some place to get the latest MonoGame and content pipeline plug-ins, or instructions on how to build them ourselves?

We’ve not had much help in developing and maintaining the MonoDevelop addins for MonoGame. So it goes stale from time to time.

The code for all of it is here:

Someone just needs to put in the effort to make our MonoDevelop addins really kick ass.

Looking around, I found the where the main MonoGame Project Templates add-in source lives and was able to build it and get it working after installation in the local add-ins folder (+ adding the assemblies subfolder).

I’m still have difficulties with the MonoGameContent project though. I modified the XML to require the properly updated core and IDE versions, and it builds fine. However, after the add-in is enabled in MonoDevelop, any project I load (not just content projects) throws:

Error while trying to load the project ‘projectname…’: Type ‘MonoDevelop.MonoGameContent.MonoGameContentProject’ not found in add-in ‘MonoDevelop.MonoGameContent,3.0.0’.

I’m not sure why it wouldn’t find the type, as I did not touch anything related to its definition in the addin.xml, and that file is properly set as an EmbeddedResource for the build action. Any idea what might cause this error?

Looks like I have t back up on the statement that MonoGame Project Templates working too. When you create or load a project we get Method not found 'MonoDevelop.Core.Assemblies.TargetFramework.IsCompatibleWithFramework'. Looks like I’m going back to v4 for now.

I am reusing this to reply, since new users can’t reply to the same post more that 3 time, yes the error occurs durning the installation, but it will install the monogame addin. Also, video proof:

This build is strictly for linux, I haven’t updated the assemblies for other stuff. Durning the installation an error will occur, disregard it, monogame will install. Also I’ve used the newest monogame source code instead of 3.2. Monogame Content is not included, it’s only monogame templates.

PS. you need sdl 2 installed, on ubuntu run this in terminal:
sudo apt-get install libsdl2-dev libsdl2-mixer-2.0-0

If you are still searching for someone to fix and maintain the monogame addin for monodevelop, I can do it.

Looks like the mpack you built is still for MonoDevelop 4, not the current git version of MonoDevelop - so it has the same problem as detailed in the first post:

This goofy forum won’t let me put an image in my post (too new of a user, apparently) , but I put a screenshot of the problem installing the mpack here:

Just FYI, I posted monogame 3.2 for both monodevelop 4 & 5 here: How to install Monogame 3.2 in Ubuntu 14.04? I also compiled the content template.

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You are my hero, thank you for your hard work. :slight_smile:

Works great on Arch Linux using MonoDevelop 5.1