MonoGame 3.8.1

I linked it here. The updated migration guide isn’t online on the documentation site yet.


For some reason the file .mgcb file association didn’t happen when I installed the extension so I manually set it to run "C:\Users\username\.nuget\packages\dotnet-mgcb-editor-windows\\tools\net6.0\any\mgcb-editor-windows-data\mgcb-editor-windows.exe", which works for now.

*(Not recommended). See below for better solution.


Something that confuses me… I see some users celebrating being able to use .NET 6 now, but… haven’t we already been able to do that? I’ve been using it for some time now in my current project. Or is that because I built it from source that I’ve been able to do that?

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It was already possible for some platforms. Now it’s much more unified. (Also the pipeline was locked to .NET Core 3.)

The MonoGame repo is a lot cleaner too if you compare it with MonoGame 3.8.0 or even 3.7 one. I think the onboarding for new collaborators should be a lot more straight forward.

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Before 3.8.1, MonoGame was a frankenstein kind of framework with different pieces requiring different .NET versions. Things are now much more smoother and future-proof.

The extension doesn’t associate files because the way .NET 6 works with tools doesn’t allow that, and by associating it manually, you’re pretty much opening yourself to future version mismatch.


My solution was a temporary botch. I’ve since changed it by right-clicking Content.mgcb in VS2022 and then Open With... and choosing MGCB Editor as the default. Didn’t seem to work yesterday but does now.

Awesome! I can’t wait to try this out! :slight_smile:

im trying microsoft upgade-assistant and its doing alot of this flawlessly so far…even updating netstardard libs with MG game stuff, to net 6 , and changes the monogame refs to the latest ones on nutget .

updating to mg 3.81 from 3.8 even if you are using netcore 6 already , can be a big deal for legacy projects. because Netstandard 2 is nearly dead, but Microsofts command line updgrate assistant does almost everything i did yesterday for me at least for vs 2022 preview slns. so I am trying that whch that almost ported my almosgt all of my wpf app to netcore 6 and Ill report if it works… it even updates your Monogame refs for you.

just run on cmd line

dotnet tool install -g upgrade-assistant
then donet tool upgrade-assistant analyze XXX.sln

then upgrade-assistant upgrade XXX.sln

when i targeted androind entry point,
it didnt not strip out the xaramin junk from the android target but warned me its unused.
but with a clean templayhte but i dont think xamarin is gone yet… as far as build and deploy its stiill slow…

as for MG and WPF legacy level editors , i hit a brick wall, but there is hope there as well. the wpf even wiht old docking and scripting libs, did port to netcore 6 and run, aboutg 99% was ok.

on a big legacy wpf and MG tooling rig and game , this looks like its an all or nothign deal for me … i cant link a 4.8 wpf exe to any netcore 6 libs so i cant run MG in wpf using net 6 game code in libs. and Netstandard 2.0 is quite nearly dead… but there is a compatibililty mode and some other ways around. but for my thing level editor WPF + monogame core… …last time i tried on vs 2019, the Compatibilly Analyser gave me a 99% so i went ahead with up and the WPF tool worked except for the monogame integration and a few details. …

ill try this again . the upside is there wpf level editor becomes mutliplatfrom. now that some parts work on the new MG. and see… if i can fix the sdl issue .

**Port from .NET Framework to .NET 6 - .NET Core | Microsoft Docs
but im going to Overview of the .NET Upgrade Assistant - .NET Core | Microsoft Docs

i think if this goes through i thnk should be mentioned as a way to update older MG projects all over the github that arent maintained because i just presse 1, and enter a bunch of times, diff and its doing what your guilde says to do and much more. could save someone days of work or worse, htting a brikc wall, havng to bail out and downgrade because of older dependencies. but i dont know about the maui, or the wpf, , ill halfway through it… jjust though id mention it now because thats how the front line approach should be done i think with any legacy code thats, should do this… at least on windows and vs 2022 mabye more… would have saved me a day…

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I had the same issue as you. i ran this command in the terminal and I now see all templates:

dotnet new --install MonoGame.Templates.CSharp
  1. Add official source, command:
    dotnet nuget add source "" --name "NuGet official package source"
  2. Restart VS
  3. Update packages in Nuget Manager (change “official package source” on button right-up)
  4. Build and run
  5. Done