Monogame 3D engine that support Android platform


I have been searching for some 3D Physics Library that supports Android with monogame , but I am not able to search any, any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

A physics engine should not be platform specific. That said, you probably want something light for Android.

I have used BEPU Physics in a mobile-based title before, and this was several years ago when devices were far less powerful.

There will be a better BEPU physics according to the announces on the blog, but when?..

From a forum post by the maintainer on August 22

I’m not technically working on v2 full time yet. The vast majority of its development will be in the open, visible on github. For the last 10 months or so I’ve been busy working on other aspects of the game, but once I’m done with this phase, I’ll be swinging back to physics full time. And that development will take a while.

So, in other words, while I’ll probably be starting physics development soon, I wouldn’t say v2 is going to be complete soon. Given my history, it would be irresponsible of me to suggest that it will be mostly feature complete any sooner than 9 months from now. I hope that’s enough time, or that I can get it done even faster, but if you need physics now, v1.4.X is probably the right choice.

Sure, but if it is the same kind of announce as awesomium’s one, where developers were full time and the app was paid for certain cases… Im not so confident about the 9 months