MonoGame Feature Wishlist

Xamarin just been bought by Microsoft, Xamarin studio no longer available, so? here’s the deal, Monogame, nice but still relies on opentk, those days are gone, no documentation via monogame ?
XMA, dead, I’m thinking Microsoft are trying to get all the cross platform shit together and giving it away via community?
As it turns out there is no way to put an android (NONE OF THEM) into a screen mode like, 640x480 or 800x600 or any other type, they are controlled by a thing called DIP (Density Independent Pixels), basically from what I understand your screen is a MIP map and android stretches or shrinks your background (2D) anyway it wants,
(DIP or DP) is handled in the activity file via xml and there are a bunch of options, I’m still learning so look it up yourselves, basically no matter what screen size you want it has to be handled via virtual pixels and android translates that to a full screen display, the res never changes
as an example of how it works, so no code, like I said I’m still trying to figure it out! in the simplest way to explain.
your android screen is 1024x768, could be 900x2000, you don’t know every device is deferent
you want to display 800x600 screen
your gonna run into 2 problems

  1. does your target changes resolution (some do)
  2. will it look the same on every android device? NO

The way android gets around it is to run your stuff in the background and display it on there virtual screen, your 800x600 will be displayed at what ever friggin res the tablet or phone decides! IOS and WINPHONE again does this (open the window and shout help WTF) wish there was a standard (whoops so mono not there yet), with Microsoft buying Xamarin it seems they are serious about doing that? might be DirectX across the board?
basically the reason monogame has not got the “graphics.IsFullscreen” working is cos they can’t
no way unless they mess with the activity file big time

I hope this helps some people and you can post some solutions?

can you make monogame work with torrent games also can you look into for samsung smart tv

Is support for Steam/GameCenter/GooglePlay/etc within the scope of MonoGame? Voted for Vulkan btw :slight_smile:

Ain’t samsung smart tv powered by android ?

I think its powered by Tizen.

Support for new C# 7 Tuples would be great for base structs (Vector2, Colors, Rectangles, Points …).

that should work by default

Deconstructors could be added though. MG currently uses C#5 (so it’s usable with older VS versions for people that build from source), but I don’t think you actually need to compile MG using C#7 to get deconstructors to work. Can anyone confirm?
EDIT: you can also add deconstructors as extension methods while they aren’t implemented in MG itself yet.

Audio visualization

i have think monogame needs audio visualization features :stuck_out_tongue:
(or some access Song’s binary or stream binary)

and mp3 license is finished at 2017 april 16

(can i make a music visualization based rhythm game?)

Reduce the character limit for these forum posts to 10


Complete XAct support.

I have win 10 64 and VS 2017 Community
Pls coonect Monogame with this VS
Now its not work

Monogame works without issues with VS 2017 community edition.

Sure it works. You must have failed something in your installation.

You need the develop version of MonoGame to get the templates installed.

Hey Paul. iOS and WinPhone handle graphics differently. With the android OS as far as I know you cannot set the graphics device screen resolution. You get what ever the supported resolution is when you are full screen, nothing we can do about that. The best way to work around that is to use a 800x600 Render target to draw you game (if it MUST be 800x600) then draw the render target using scaling. I wrote an article about that on my blog [1].

Alternatively write your game in such a way that it will be screen resolution independent. But I guess given your comments you are porting an old WinPhone XNA game over and WinPhone used to do some hardware scaling if your resolution was not the native resolution if I remember rightly.

[1] Scaling using RenderTargets

that helped a bunch thanks

Support for ARKit would be awesome.

I’d like the ability to “force” a draw call after every update when IsFixedTimeStep = true. I have implemented a “hack” to make this happen and it fixes the hitching or frame skipping normally scene in 2d sidescrollers, but for some reason it seems to impact the keyboard input and causes it to be unresponsive or delayed, Interestingly, the gamepad input is unaffected. Anyway, the ability to turn this on would be great and I think a lot of people developing 2D games would appreciate it!