MonoGame Feature Wishlist

VS Code seemed fine on Linux to me. There was a bit of setup to get the xbuild and nuget restore stuff working, but otherwise no problems.

Yeah, even me stumbled over that git thing. There is no git addon installed. I do have Rider but no idea how to start a Monogame project with it. For now I’m booting Windows and use VSC 2017.

VsCode works like a charm on Linux. I was positively surprised a Microsoft product being so well working on Linux

Yes it does but doesn’t offer a Monogame project. I have no idea how to do this from scratch, I need an IDE for this. I guess, that’s the point of these IDEs.

Geez, I’m fighting with this pipeline thingy. Compile successful and now ? Where are these xnb files and how do I get them into my project…

You would have to copy the templates I think, as VisualCode works with “forders” and not “projects”

Hi there :slight_smile:

I like to mention that the implementation and maintability of one single graphics library is significantly easier as that one of three or four

Vulkan is everywhere and I see less benefits in the others, including old DirectX. To free up human ressources is crucial in nearly all the projects, so consider to focus on one graphics library. :sunny:

I guess its possible that I speak to walls :wink: as often in such obvious cases, while I see a chance which lets you consider this option. :slight_smile:

Quality creates Quantity
Vice versa is it impossible :wink:

That is not true, Vulkan is only on Windows, Linux, Android, and does not supported older grahpcics cards/devices.You get way more supported devices by using OpenGL.


Well, that includes OpenGL, so far as I am concerned.
I think I read somewhere that they both share large parts of code.
If this is incorrect, I count OpenGL in of course.

They are completely different APIs and have very different approaches to use.

I believe that you will not find Vulkan on iOS or Mac because Apple have their own low-level graphics API called Metal that they support. Apple will not support a competing graphics API.

Vulkan support on Windows, once you hunt down the appropriate drivers, is only supported on recent graphics cards. The same applies for DirectX 12, except for the hunting down of the drivers.


Thanks a lot for the clarification.

Seems like I collected that info somewhere without any validation from my side, or misunderstood something.

Seems at least something gets merged back from the Vulkan development into OpenGL.

I guess you see an appropriate amount of work in Metal/DirectX12?

Hi there, I would suggest including support for Vulkan and Directx 12 for available terms that are the best performance in api graphic terms. If I have a vacancy in the development team I am available.

I love the ceaseless calls for Vulkan and DX12… Without fully comprehending how much work is involved…

They should have renamed DX12 just to bring the point across… Oh well…

I would like to use MonoGame for Scientific application so a implementation of OpenCL it’s would not be bad. and an Automatic live reloading of content in running game it would make my job comfortable.

You can pretty easily implement that already with file system watcher…

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Would this be a literal watcher?

I am kinda working on something like this, but I am manually checking after a reload button is hit.

What is the cross platform file watcher?

I haven’t read through this entire thread since it’s extremely long. Not sure if i was mentioned before… but my vote is definitely for VR support.

VR has been growing at insane rates over the last couple months. Windows Mixed Reality has definitely help kick things into high gear… especially since it supports / works with SteamVR.

We should ideally abstract out VR to support both SteamVR and Oculus, but at a minimum, adding support for SteamVR should cover the bulk of the devices out there (including the upcoming Pimax 5k / 8k).

Hmm… looks like someone already has VR working across multiple devices using Monogame. Would be great to get them to commit the VR code into the base Monogame framework.

I’ve tried the engine you linked before and it was real easy to set up with a Steam VR headset. The VRService class used in there may be a good starting point for the API, but we should really discuss the API design to fit with MG’s style and goals.

I’m working on a VR project right now, so I’m hoping I get some more insight into VR stuff and can push for MG support when it’s finished :slight_smile:

Vr would be really a nice addition to monogame i tried that occulous rift it made my head spin, Virtually after i took off the googles i felt like reality was unreal lol.