Monogame in Xamarin / .NET Maui

thank you for this amount of information :+1: and thank you for sharing
i will try this

thanks i could use more eyes on this… hopefully someone expert will chime in . I put in the Silk experiment , but on closer look its 2x more bloated than MG 3.8.1 which in fact barely uses Xamarin or its linked out. we do have to wait for trimming /linking and or Java interop, i guess, either way. on Debug/ fast deploy they are both ok on USB . the Emulator is always slow either way.

i became a patron for 5$ a month to MG . If everyone did they would update more samples and merge more PRs mabye. its basically a capuccino price in most countries now.

So final conclusion is: 1. find an Admob type thing that doesnt rely on Netstandard 2.0 that links to my sample or any mg 3.8.1 sample. if its using Xamarin ok, but im not patient to bother with Maui again . I might but not via emulation, and just for mobile tho via USB… my Emulation is slow on everyting.

dont go back to Mg 3.8.0. 2. Do it native via Google SDK / java or someother way. avoid Maui for now , mabye i missed something, but I found it horrifying to do hello world with it.

if i find an adhost ill try to add it to sample but it might rely on deployment to the androind store and i havent finished all the requirements.

My vault tho is THE WAY to do "Code once/ deply on X platfroms. " The official sample is netcore 3.1 and Netstand 2. its not updated. II wont submit a PR because htey have piles of unmerged PRs. and day jobs and such.

struggled to organize it so i dont have to make changes in repeat places and this was the best orgnanization Rig i found. it targets 5 platfroms now.

i was too exited about Silk. Its still very slow to work with via android and gives no advange in general use. Maybe parts of it can get around MG issues or limitations. i was using “fast deply and debug” and its ok on a phone. And i was mistaken about MG and Xamarin… The Monogame Android Packag isnt build on Xamarin really, or is bloated. Its actaully the best thing. So my conclusion is …stay with the net6, avoid Netstandard 2.0 because MG 3.8.1 exe wont link to netstandard 2.0 libs anymore.

the Xamarin package of my shader thignis 2x smaller! so watching the silk build i dont see any xamarin words… but at the end… its pretty fat. And really low level graphics, right to openGL via bindings. and linked to ImageSharp which changed it license and they announced they need to drop it.

Netstandard dropped, that is the pain point for almost everyone trying to move forward. But netstandard libs are not blazing fast like net 6+

but Silk uses netstandard 2.0 internally.

But i can link MG Android to the Silk one however I don’t see a point.

there are a couple PRs on using other window hosts… the topic here is adhosting , but thats goes to windowsing and UI and thats why im bringing up all these tangents in here.

Anyways was cool to finallly see a Silk Window onmy phone… With all those techincal genius graphics people working togiether on just a massive unification project… So next ill leave it there and probaby try to AvaloniaUI at some point. It would be the same idea, maybe ill get someone to help on that vault, i put all the legal documents and stuff in ther, says, dont put licenced code in there.

one more thing: That Silk sample uses ImageSharp… its fast it uses SIMD , super fast and it i 5Meg so itsn accounting for the 15 Meg bloat on the silk over my Xamarin /Monogame sample. But they changed the license to a complex special one , its not 100% MIT or free. So im taking it out and its leaving the Net foundation officially announced last month. Avoid image sharp.

For a complex game studio, you need a level editor and more UI and rigging /tooling stuff. So ill explore Avalonia or Imgui at some point …

Hi All,

over the last days I’ve created a MAUI Integration for MonoGame for iOS and Android. I will publish my fork soon. The iOS Integration was simple and no code adjustments on MG was necessary, but for Android there was a few additional steps necessary in the MonoGame Android Platform Code.
The main problem was the difference between the AndroidGameActivity and the MauiAppCompactActivity which are not compatible and mixable.
To solve this problem I have created an Interface for the AndroidGameActivity and it is used in the whole MG Library.

It’s only a preview and not really well tested but it seems to work.
You can now mix the MG Graphics and use the MAUI UI as an overlay.

Best regards