MonoGame inside your web browser

I’m currently working on my School Project - remaking River Raid. I want to move it to web browser game, but always when I do that I got many errors. Can someone more experienced check code and say what I do wrong?
I’m checking game on XAMPP apache server.

Here is web source:

Here is game source:


I have been using Blazor for a while, with MAUI/WPF embedding you can get run C# code to run anywhere. Seems to accomplish what Bridge.NET was trying to do much better. Nuget packages wouldn’t be an issue with that either, as it actually runs the .NET runtime in the browser via webassembly, it doesn’t transpile to Javascript. You then just sit back and let Chromium handle all porting.

It will be a great direction to take Monogame for sure. Users might even consider using some UI frameworks like MudBlazor like on top of it.

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