Monogame on Raspberry Pi 2

Hello everyone,

Can you please provide me with some help on getting monogame to run on a Raspberry Pi 2? I tried both Raspbian and Ubuntu MATE and i get the same errors related to invalid IL in OpenTK.

By the way, Monogame runs fine on a Beagle Bone Black, not very high performance but it runs.

It works on WIndows 10 for Raspberrypi 2, using Linux is a bit more involved Monogame on Raspberry Pi

Thank you procd, I saw that post - I was wondering if there was any progress on a MonoGame.Framework.RaspberryPi.csproj deal if any. Unfortunately for me UWP is not an option :frowning:

I have an update: It seems that the Debug build runs (somewhat slowly, but it runs) on a Rasbian with the OpenGL Mesa VC4 built in the kernel directly.

The Release mode still throws the IL error on System.Drawing.Rectangle::get_Left() still not sure what that’s about.

My experience with OpenGL on the Pi is without hacking it won’t run at any decent speed under X11. The last time I tried it (on the Pi 1) the open gl driver needed hacking to allow hardware acceleration otherwise you get really slow performance. For some reason accelerated X11 doesn’t seem to be a priority for the Pi.

I also had to do a hacked version of OpenTK to get it to detect GLES rather than Full GL on the Pi, hopefully that was fixed.

In addition because of the way the Pi works you will not get hardware floating point working in Mono. You will only get soft float which is slow to say the least.

Yes, thank you for your input - I did read through all the posts where you’re talking about what you did only I wasn’t as good as replicating it. What I have is a “full” GL driver for the pi called Mesa 3D VC4 something or another. I can post the link here if you’re interested and won’t get me in trouble :).

It’s beginning to be clear that what I am working on is more like for the next gen pi rather than this current one.