MonoGame UWP Failing Cert On Microsoft Store

Thanks for the code, I imagine clearing that dll will do the trick. I just recently uploaded again to the store with that fix and it worked. Fingers crossed, let us know how it goes!

Yep Certified and ready to publish, didn’t take over a year to figure out, sure would be nice if they would warn people during the install, something like,
“Oh FYI if you plan on trying to publish via Microsoft Store, don’t play any music, if you want to use (see above class) to do it!”
Maybe I should add that to the “Things you want to see in MonoGame” thread!

This really concerns me. I’m creating UWP game and using XNA MediaPlayer to play background music. Sounds like this will not pass certification? Is using SoundEffectInstance to play background music a possible workaround?

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Yes, I’m using SoundEffectInstance to play music and passed certification!

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