Monogame vs SDL ?

Ive been considering using either SDL or monogame . Ive tried a little of both , and found that its easier and faster to get things done in monogame . However , if i choose monogame , it might be a small problem because my uni teaches c++ / c / java / python .
I know a bit of c++ and c# , and like both equally . Do i stick with monogame or with SDL ?
my end goal is to create a 2d game , and maybe make it multiplayer in the future .

I’d advise to stick with MonoGame because it supports all current platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, UWP, Web, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4. Next gen consoles in the near future. (PS5 is already in the works: Also setup and run a cross-platform project is very straight forward (Made a little tutorial here, btw: MonoGame development on macOS)

From all platforms above, the ones SDL2 lack are PS4 and Xbox One support. Don’t know if they will ever add them or even support next-gen.

I wouldn’t consider learning a different language than that your teacher is currently teaching you guys a “small problem”. More like a very interesting experience as you can perfectly learn both at the same time. I myself find C# easier to work than C++.

Well, whatever your choose will be, I wish you luck :wink:

Hi @Dumb_gamer and welcome to the forum. Both are good platforms but given the choice I’d stick with MonoGame. Sure, your university not teaching c# is a bad thing but knowing it makes knowing the others, other than Python, easier because they are all C-style languages. C# gives you a higher level of abstraction than C++ leaving you more freedom and able to focus more on your game than low level tasks like memory management. It is also completely cross-platform allowing your games to run on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and more.


Thank you for the reply ! Its really cool knowing that monogame might be coming to PS5 . Ill get back to learning monogame as soon as I get free time . Thanks for the advice : )

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I agree . one of the things keeping me away from SDL is that I want to create a game and it takes so long to get anything done with SDL . So far , I feel like Monogame would be the best option for me .
Thanks for the reply : )

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