MonoGame with Mono on Linux Mint

I see a lot of posts regarding using .NET Core with MonoGame on Linux, but my project is currently built for .NET Framework and I’m not confident in migrating it to .NET Core just yet. I have Linux Mint 19.2 up and running and want to open my project, which is built in Visual Studio 2017 under the .NET Framework 4.6.2. I’m also fairly new to Linux in general. Ideally, I’m looking for an IDE and setup on Linux that will allow me to do the following:

  • Open my .sln file.
  • Build my content when I make a build, similar to the default MG templates for VS.
  • Supports easy file linking. Context: I have a shared project with platform-dependent projects that simply use the files from the shared project. In Visual Studio, I can simply Alt-Click + drag a file in Solution Explorer to make a link.
  • One-click builds + debugging like Visual Studio, except with Mono since the .NET Framework isn’t available on Linux.

I would prefer to avoid MonoDevelop if possible. I heard of JetBrains Rider and VS Code, but the latter doesn’t seem like a full IDE. Which setup works well for most Linux users here?

Hi bud, I wonder if this post I wrote can help you in any way: MonoGame setup with VSCodium + .NETCore + Samsung Debugger (Tutorial)

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