MSB3073 Issue exited with the code 1

Hi, I have a issue with visual studio that when building a program according to the Monogame or visual studio template, I get an issue.

The program has not been modified, I give you a brief description:

When I create a Monogame Windows Desktop Application (Windows DirectX) or Monogame Cross-Platform Desktop Application (Open GL)

And wanting to compile with the default template, it appears to me that XNA does not recognize.

However, I can fix this by closing Visual Studio and opening it.

Now when I try to compile the program again, I get the following issue

If there is a space in your username this maybe the issue. Try searching here in the community forum for a solution.

I can’t find any answer about this issue, the answers in the fourm are differents with a different answer and it doesnt solve

I wasn’t the one who said it fyi. I was just linking to another thread as this is a recurring issue, you have to read that, I never had the issue personally.

As far as I understand the .mgcb task has a mistake in the config file, where if the the path to the nuget package has a space in it, the OS will be unable to resolve the path, because when it finds a space it assums the command has ended.

So if your path is something like C:\Users\Fran Vera\.nuget\packages, it will obviously fail because there’s a space in Fran Vera, but if you wrapped it in quotation marks "C:\Users\Fran Vera\.nuget\packages" the command line will interpret it as a full command.

Just popping in here to say Hi to @VR_Francisco and @box Welcome to the Community!

And yes, if you are using a local account with a space in your username, expect this to be a thing. as far as I am aware, when you use a live account [Hotmail/Outlook/Whatever] it is not an issue…

Happy Coding!

I would like to add my fix to this (or at least similar-looking) problem:
Install the “.NET Core 3.1 Runtime” component in visual studio installer. This solved a very similar error message with the MonoGame.Content.Builder.Task.targets file.

I use the great MonoGame.Content.Builder.Task nuget package, which I guess is built with .net core 3.1.

Hope this helps!