NAZDAR! The Game - my new microstrategy platformer

Hello fellow developers,

I’ve just released my first game called NAZDAR! which is a microstrategy platformer, inspired by the Kingdom series. It looks like a platformer, but it’s more of a strategy game where you build and defend your base (an armored train, the game is set in the Russian Civil War and you play as the Czechoslovak Legion).

The game is available on Windows, Xbox, Linux and also Android.

Feel free to download at my homepage. Source code is also available under GPL3 on my GitHub


Looks awesome!

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Hi Mike, Just wondering if you’ve tried porting to iOS, just wondering how much or a pain that is…


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unfortunately I don’t have a Mac or an iPhone :frowning:

I understand, they are sorta “pricey”. Do you have to physically have one near by? I have some mac stuff, if you want to try making one. I don’t know jack about how to deploy it though.

The background parallax is moving faster than the foreground!

You mean the mountains and forests?

@Randell I think yes, you must have a Mac. And the store submissionis also paid every year, not just one time.

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Yes sorry, I’ve been obsessing over parallax for a few years… You can test in real life if you look at a distant object and move your head in parallel. Everything should “travel” in the opposite direction as your head’s direction. Closer stuff will move faster so they’ll leave your vision much faster. Further stuff will move slower so you can see them for hundreds of meters or more depending on how far away they are. Not sure how easy this description is but here is a video that showcases the effect:

Anyway ignore this if it was an art or design decision. ^^

Edit: just to be more clear, you can look at the mountains and trees in your game, the effect makes them look like they are closer than your game’s foreground.

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Okey, I will make then a bit slower. I did not realized that :slight_smile:

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Well done mate! Have yet to play it - but just seeing the level of transparenty of your project - listing resources, sourcecode etc - is amazing. And I can tell just by the printscreens that you have a talent for fittng/merging different resources into a common style. To a fellow hobby developer these types of showcases are so much more inspiring and unsefull than just a random video or images that looks good. Well done.

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Looks Great! :smiley:
I love the style, very cute and whimsical if I’m using that word right!
By the way, how do I get more money? Seems randomly dropped over time and sometimes from enemies?

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by farming, you build farms and then buy tools and peasants turn into farmers :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your kind words :slight_smile: I tried to find and combine similar assets styles and also drawn my own, which are not very good :))

But now I am dealing with saving problem :((

I think I ran into a bug. I got to level 6. Then I created a new game and it started from level 6 but with no train so I had to build it manually. Building it was a bit slow so I just get destroyed on the first night. Then I tried to delete the save and restart but this time it was back on level 1.

I think it would be nice to be able to restart the level. On my main save I did a wrong choice which made it impossible to win (I trusted the soldiers but they just went to suicide by going far out of the base. I could have protected them if I knew).

I am happy to announce a new version!

Firstly, I have ditched IsolatedStorage which means that saves will persist through updates. Sadly, this also means that your previous saves are gone :frowning: It took me forever to solve this problem and get the filesystem access to work cross-platform.

The game si now more balanced, I rewrite texts to be less serious, add a little winning “animation”, medics are smarter (not running around so much), mechanized Lenins in level 8 are not so much over powered now :slight_smile:

@Apostolique I think it happend to me also. I’ll have a look. Thank you.

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I have fixed this bug. Thank you!

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