NormalizedByte4 Texture2D gives different results from XNA

As an experiment, I tried using a Vector4 format instead of the NormalizedByte4 format which is causing me all this trouble.
However, I got an exception in SpritePacker Copy:

System.InvalidOperationException: Could not copy between Vector4 and Vector4

PixelBitmapContent<Vector4>.Copy(source, new Rectangle(0, 0, w, h),
                                       output, new Rectangle(x + 1, y + 1, w, h));

This is the framework code that throws the exception:

/// <summary>
        /// Copies one bitmap into another.
        /// The destination bitmap can be in any format and size. If the destination is larger or smaller, the source bitmap is scaled accordingly.
        /// </summary>
        /// <param name="sourceBitmap">BitmapContent being copied.</param>
        /// <param name="sourceRegion">Region of sourceBitmap.</param>
        /// <param name="destinationBitmap">BitmapContent being overwritten.</param>
        /// <param name="destinationRegion">Region of bitmap to be overwritten.</param>
        public static void Copy(BitmapContent sourceBitmap, Rectangle sourceRegion, BitmapContent destinationBitmap, Rectangle destinationRegion)
            ValidateCopyArguments(sourceBitmap, sourceRegion, destinationBitmap, destinationRegion);

            SurfaceFormat sourceFormat;
            if (!sourceBitmap.TryGetFormat(out sourceFormat))
                throw new InvalidOperationException("Could not retrieve surface format of source bitmap");
            SurfaceFormat destinationFormat;
            if (!destinationBitmap.TryGetFormat(out destinationFormat))
                throw new InvalidOperationException("Could not retrieve surface format of destination bitmap");

            // If the formats are the same and the regions are the full bounds of the bitmaps and they are the same size, do a simpler copy
            if (sourceFormat == destinationFormat && sourceRegion == destinationRegion
                && sourceRegion == new Rectangle(0, 0, sourceBitmap.Width, sourceBitmap.Height)
                && destinationRegion == new Rectangle(0, 0, destinationBitmap.Width, destinationBitmap.Height))

            // The basic process is
            // 1. Copy from source bitmap region to a new PixelBitmapContent<Vector4> using sourceBitmap.TryCopyTo()
            // 2. If source and destination regions are a different size, resize Vector4 version
            // 3. Copy from Vector4 to destination region using destinationBitmap.TryCopyFrom()

            // Copy from the source to the intermediate Vector4 format
            var intermediate = new PixelBitmapContent<Vector4>(sourceRegion.Width, sourceRegion.Height);
            var intermediateRegion = new Rectangle(0, 0, intermediate.Width, intermediate.Height);
            if (sourceBitmap.TryCopyTo(intermediate, sourceRegion, intermediateRegion))
                // Resize the intermediate if required
                if (intermediate.Width != destinationRegion.Width || intermediate.Height != destinationRegion.Height)
                    intermediate = intermediate.Resize(destinationRegion.Width, destinationRegion.Height) as PixelBitmapContent<Vector4>;
                // Copy from the intermediate to the destination
                if (destinationBitmap.TryCopyFrom(intermediate, new Rectangle(0, 0, intermediate.Width, intermediate.Height), destinationRegion))

            // If we got here, one of the above steps didn't work
            throw new InvalidOperationException("Could not copy between " + sourceFormat + " and " + destinationFormat);

XNA does not throw this exception, so I will create a separate post for it.

I managed to get the shader to work. I built the texture in XNA in the Vector4 format instead of the NormalizedByte4 format, and everything became better.

Now my only problem is that MonoGame has an issue that prevents the SpritePacker Copy from working with Vector4 bitmaps. I created a separate post for that:

For now, my workaround will be to compile the spritesheet in my old XNA project and transfer the .xnb file to MonoGame.

I’ll have a go at these issues this weekend.

With the Vector4 issue, are you copying a region to another region, or a full bitmap to a region on the destination?

It’s from the Sprite Sheet sample in XNA, I believe it’s copying regions.