Not rendering texture fix

Yesterday I found you that the monogame is returning null for effect in DrawVertexArray and if you want to render Texture2D you will have problems.

So I uploaded very trivial solution I am not sure that this is correct but now it is working.

@Tom If you decide this is helpfull you can merge it with the current code submission on github.

Unfortunately i’m not any sort of expert in the PSM platform. I know that it hasn’t seen very much attention with very few ever contributing code to it. So i’m not surprised at all at their being issues with it.

We are in need of someone to take over that platform, but so far no one seems interested.

@Tom I am currentlly using monogame for one my game which I wrote to Android and iOS and soon I will port it to PSM and PS4.
Then I assume I will have to fix a lot of bugs in order to deploy it as final product, can I contribute and how to do it if I am allowed to ?

PSM is the only real problem platform there. The rest should be easy in comparison.

You can contribute via the githib site:

You might find the contributing doc helpful in getting started.