OpenGL programming in Monogame

Are there any ways to use pure OpenGL in monogame? I know there’s the OpenGL template that probably uses OpenTK in the backend. What I’m wondering is are there anyways to use to actually write games in monogame using OpenGL tutorials?

No there isn’t, and why would you want that? Literally sounds like a horrible idea, if you take out the graphics part of MG you would be left with just some windowing and input parts (mouse, keyboard, gamepad).

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There are more resources to learn from

just look for xna stuff its practically identical.

Those more resources would not work if you took out MonoGame graphics capabilities…

Your comment makes no sense… you might want to re read the thread.

i actually think the amount of resources for xna/monogame are the strongest point. Seems like people made literally anything.

Apart from that you can use any OpenGL tutorial anyways, the only real differences (like projection matrix) are handled by default classes and functions (Matrix.CreatePerspective() etc.)

Many of the recent shader tutorials i looked at were OpenGL. GLSL and HLSL are almost identical.

I think what he meant is to call actual OpenGL functions, not the graphics functions MG provides around them.

Maybe relevant to OP GLSL shaders

Maybe you want to build a shader at runtime to generate a texture that you then use in monogame. Monogame doesn’t have an efficient way to do runtime shader work.

Don’t be so quick to imagine weird ideas are stupid.

@jackmott Re read the OP post, that has nothing to do with what the OP was asking about.

On a side note, my language seems a bit crude…