parallel content loading

in that possible to parallel load asset at same time to reduce total content loading time?

It is possible to issue multiple load calls on different threads, but OpenGL platforms will still invoke all GPU related calls on the main thread since there is a single OpenGL context and OpenGL does not support multithreaded environments very well. Other areas such as audio have not been extensively tested with a multithreaded load scenario.

Basically, it can be done, and the file I/O should overlap, but there are other factors that may reduce the effectiveness of it. And then there’s the multithreaded aspect, which may appear to solve one problem but may add several other problems.

So DirectX/UWP is ok? or was the latter message for overall mention?

yeah! if possible how it should be work? any guide ?

There are a few threads on here regarding parallel loading… use the search box.

i cant find it, can you give the link?

As KonajuGames mentioned … it may appear to solve one problem but may add
several other problems.

Any files retrieve from a hard drive or for that matter any request to the hard drive read or write are “put in a queueFIFO first-In First-Out " NOT reading the disk simultaneously", parallel content loading will not benefit much on this.

Most computers use SSDs today…

Sequential reads is where Parallel will make a difference… as the files being loaded can be in KB’s/few MBs in size, it will make a difference…

Here we go:

SSD or HDD, data that already buffered can be read simultaneously but at the hardware drive level it still synchronous in operation.

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More a stream, but yeah :slight_smile:

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While one thread is processing the data it loaded, another thread can be reading from another file. That’s where the benefit comes from.