Pipeline GUI Tool for Mac won't install

Hey so I’m on OS X Yosemite and I’ve been trying to install the Pipeline tool so I can work remotely on my macbook without having to access my PC.

Everytime I try to install the pkg it fails with this error “The installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.”

It does actually install after this error but it locks up when I try to build a project and won’t ever launch again unless I try to reinstall.

Anyone have any ideas? Is there a bug with the installer?

See here – ran into the same problem.

On my install (I am still on 10.9 though.) I didn’t have /usr/local/bin

If you create the directory and adjust permissions appropriately on the executable it should run properly for you. In the thread they mention the pull request that will address this.

Hope this helps, holler if you have more trouble.

Thanks for the heads up, looking at my macs files I can see I have a usr/bin folder but not a usr/local/bin folder.

Ive just created the folder and the installation was successful but the app is still crashing on launch, which permissions do I need to set for it to work?

I think that out of the box only the owning user can execute it; which is whatever the equivalent of root is on OS X.

Proceed at your own risk but you probably want to do something like the following.

sudo chmod ao+x /usr/local/bin/mgcb

The folder should really have it’s permissions corrected like shown here in the pull request. Take a look at what the updated post install script does.

Thanks for the help dude, think I’ve just got it working without having to mess with any of that anyway.

I just installed the full MonoGame 3.4 package and created a new blank iPhone/iPad project, the content pipeline seemed to be working afterward, its unstable and crashing occasionally but its working, so thats a start.

Hopefully they’ll get the niggles ironed out soon, I’m looking forward to not needing XNA anymore :smile: Such a pain having to switch to PC just to build content.

We have a change in testing at the moment to create the /usr/local/bin folder with the correct permissions. None of us realised that OS X contains /usr/local/bin in its PATH but by default that folder does not exist.