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MonoGame supports PS4 and PS Vita. At one point also PlayStation Mobile. Just wondering if there was any plans to go to their legacy systems. PlayStation 3 and the like. Is something like that even a possibility? I don’t know about PS3’s digital marketplace, but 80++ million units or whatever that may be is quite the number.

It would all be technically possible… just need someone with the devkit access and willing to spend the effort to do it.

Is there native Vita support now? Last I heard, Monogame only supported PlayStation Mobile, with native PS Vita support being a later possibility, but I haven’t been keeping up with the news. The lack of Vita support is the only thing stopping me from using Monogame right now.

PlayStation Vita hasn’t even sold 15 million units. It’s probably the last platform you should even be considering.

PlayStation Mobile was discontinued. You now have to do more work to be granted into the PlayStation walled garden. Which I think requires a business and not an individual, unlike PSM (I think).

MonoGame can be ran on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4.

MonoGame is a powerful cross platform solution and any platforms it lacks can be addressed by the community or yourself.

Indeed it does, and my company is PlayStation-licensed. One native Vita game published so far and another out later this year (+ PS4 on that second one).

If hardware sales were the only factor to consider, sure (although the Wii U would technically be the weakest platform there by a hair). Android and iOS would also be a risk-free goldmine, and we could just ignore everything else. But you also have to examine the average number of indie titles purchased per user.

I’ve seen firsthand that Vita games sell well enough to warrant publishing (it is currently an indie-focused platform, after all). As have other developers.

If a developer has to pick and choose what platform or platforms they’re on, they’re obviously not using MonoGame and/or unwilling to compromise on the control system for their title/s.

It’s doubtful PS Vita will sell much more. It’s also unlikely Sony will attempt to replace it until the next console generation. Current users will continue to dwindle and continue to migrate to cells.

It’s only a matter of time before Nintendo makes a cell or touch device with a gamepad attachment. Sony has already been dipping their feet in that direction.

This is why MonoGame is so powerful, it’s almost trivial to pivot and change or add platforms at will.

Actually the number of units a console ships/has shipped is irrelevant. It is more important the number of users asking for games and the amount of good games on the platform.

Personally I’ve made more money on PSMobile than iPhone, having released the same games on both. While iPhone is a beast market, the competence is fierce, and you just don’t exist unless you have big $ to spend on marketing, or you have good contacts on the press industry, or you’re very lucky.

PSVita on the other side has very little good games compared to iPhone, so getting a decent income (I’m talking of indies, not big stablished companies) is far easier, despite the user base is probably 1/50th.

A link I read a few days ago which just talks about this:

Marketing is not a MonoGame issue. MonoGame is on practically every platform. You have 99% of the market to market to.

Marketing is not a money issue. Especially if you made a cell game. You literally walk outside and walk up to the nearest person with a cell and start yapping. You go to your nearest mall with a shirt with your game’s name on it… The moneyless marketing options are endless.

At the end of the day, if PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita is all you wanted, all you needed, then yeah, MonoGame is the answer without question.

I think most people would disagree :stuck_out_tongue:

I was answering to the sentence (sorry for not quoting it in the first place)

“PlayStation Vita hasn’t even sold 15 million units. It’s probably the last platform you should even be considering.”

For indies, hardware units sold have nothing to do with considering such platform. In fact, the lower the hardware units, the easier to make a place for you in it.


Well yeah, that’s my point. It would be ideal if Monogame supported PS Vita so such choices wouldn’t have to be made.

You keep saying that “Monogame supports PS Vita” but unless something has changed recently, it doesn’t yet – not outside of Sickhead Games’s own cross-compilation solution, which Tom has mentioned his plans about releasing to the public eventually. But I haven’t heard anything about it since then.

If I missed something and Monogame does have native PS Vita support available to all developers now, prove me wrong. I sincerely would love to be proved wrong on this, as I would start using Monogame on Vita this year.

I strongly disagree with your last sentence here. Mobile and handhelds are absolutely not the same market. The systems have virtually nothing in common aside from portability, and they appeal to extremely different demographics.

No Wii U, and also 0% of the handheld market with neither 3DS nor Vita.

It does.

Both Axiom Verge and Towerfall shipped on PS Vita using the transpiler we have written.

The MonoGame for PSVita SDK is in an alpha state is going out to a few teams porting to the platform.

This version of MonoGame like the PS4 and XB1 versions are 100% free, but only available to registered developers for those platforms. If you have interest in them talk to your reps at Sony and Microsoft.

Wii U is coming this year… but it is only a partial port done specifically for Stardew Valley:

We have discussed 3DS internally and think it is completely possible with the tech we have, but don’t have any funding to do the work needed to make it a reality.

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Awesome! Thanks for the information. I’ve been following Monogame for a while and hoping for this, and I will definitely be using Monogame for my next project now. :slightly_smiling:

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Web browser platforms are also non-existent with MonoGame. There is something, but I don’t think the MonoGame community cares much for those platforms and it’ll be a slow process.

Microsoft is opening up .NET. The alternative is Mono, which I believe is developed by Xamarin, which was bought out by Microsoft. Either way, .NET openness will allow MonoGame to access more platforms far easier and faster.

The only differences in cells and cells (The same difference) are texting/calling and buttons. It really boils down to what Nintendo is doing. From mockups the NX gamepad is a cell with sticks inside the touchpad and I’d imagine shoulder buttons. In business terms, cells make the most money being free with advertisements and IAP’s. While the 3DS/Vita “cells” are premium priced.

It might also be possible to integrate MonoGame into Source, Unity, Unreal, and other game engines, allowing you access to other platforms. There is an XNA example inside of Unity. But there is not much interest or development being made on those fronts.

And finally, welcome to MonoGame! The powerful XNA code/content with the endless possibilities of the MonoGameTeam/Community, write once, play everywhere, and reach everyone!

Here’s an example of XNA/MonoGame games being ported to platforms that don’t have default integration of XNA/MonoGame:

Dreadful. Time consuming. And difficult. But as time passes MonoGame is spreading and is becoming a viable cross platform solution.