Shader that works in XNA 4.0 is broken in MonoGame

OK. I couldn’t find one so I made a basic .net6 template with a shared core, shared content, builds, runs on everything… and will upload to my public git… the shader does sample under DX, GL and maybe droid so its something in my setup or render target usage. This should help alot of beginers save a week or more because there arent any up to date simple modern build setups out there, that show how to use one codebase , net standard core, and net6, no repeat code , one fx, content builder, refs to shared content file, that show a simple custom pixel shader in action, and that is the whole point of Monogame. The sample we find are outdated or overly complex.

I put the code in here:

it shows how to set up a multitarget net 6 , Netstandard core with no repeat code build setup . just touch an fx file, build and test. includes android, desktop netcore Gl , and desktop netcore 6 with DX. I just spend a week trying to clip a texture and figured having a barebones sample would save people time because lots of stuff it old , only works on DX, and includes old workarounds or special content builders and other desperate measures.