Should I expect to still see XNA "using" statements?

Hey guys,

Please forgive this newbie question, but should I expect to see using statements and references to XNA in newly created projects? I read about the content pipeline being complete severed from XNA now, but I still find myself declaring Vector2 and Texture2D from XNA. It’s a bit confusing. Have these bits just not been ported yet?


Monogame still uses the Microsoft.Xna namespaces to avoid breaking everyone’s code. See this thread. Vector2 and Texture2D are classes in the Monogame framework that had equivalent function in the XNA framework, so their names will be the same as the classes in the XNA framework. So you might see calls like Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.Texture2D in Monogame code, but that’s just because Monogame uses an identical namespace. XNA doesn’t have to be installed anywhere.

Hopefully I didn’t misunderstand your question.


Thank you. Your answer is clear and concise. I didn’t consider backwards compatibility. I just assumed the new names spaces would be something like “Monogame.Framwork”. It all makes perfect sense now.

Thanks again,

No problem! According to KonajuGames’ post in that thread I linked, Monogame.Framework namespaces may possibly replace the Microsoft.Xna.Framework namespaces in the future.