Silly platformer demo where you spit on your enemies

I LOVED this demo so much! Just everything about this feels to me like a great base to a full game. Really enjoyed the smooth animations, music, the challenges and sillyness. It’s true it looks a lot like Undertale, to be honest I always liked its looks but its gameplay not so much, so this game is already an improvement for my taste. Please, keep working on this and keep us updated!

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Fun game. Pretty well polished!

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thanks! i’m so glad you liked it! i’ll try to keep working on it :slight_smile:

thanks! i did a lot of bug fixes in the few days before the initial release. i’m glad i got most of them heehee

i’ve got a new update out for my game!

check it out if you want, it’s free, and let me know if it doesn’t work :crazy_face:

Yeah man, you should enter it in the MonoGame game Jam happening next month.

i haven’t looked into it but i assumed you’d have to start a new project for the game jam? wouldn’t that be cheating?

Uhhh… yeah actually don’t upload your game lmao. I think there might be a theme for it.

howdy y’all i’ve made another update for the game that you can check out here:

there’s lots of new stuff :eyes: