[SOLVED] Gamepad thumbsticks dont have smooth 360 movement

I’m struggling to describe my problem but here we go.

I’m making a 2D TopDown shooter where Left stick controls movement and Right stick is aiming. When I move either stick all the way out to one side then move it along the edge all the way around the input will snap in place at certain points.
So when the stick approaches either Vector2(1, 0), Vector2(-1,0), Vector2(0,1) or Vector2(0,-1) it sort of jumps right to either of those points and when I move the stick past one of them I have to move the stick more than usual to get a different value then either of the above points.

This seems like it could be intentional behaviour but for my game it gets in the way. Is there any way past this?

I have described the problem as best I could. I hope it makes sense to some one other than me :slight_smile:

Hmm while looking for some web links I found some interesting links that I will repost into the U-MG-RL thread too…

Search term used: xna analogue stick input





Hope this helps…

No, you might have misunderstood. I did a poor job of explaining it.

I have no trouble using a gamepad for input. My character is moving around very nicely.

It seems there are 4 zones. 1 where the stick is in the far left position, 1 in the far right position, 1 at the top position and 1 at the bottom. So if you have the stick in between the left position and the top position and then start slowly moving it up towards the top, suddenly it will snap into place when it gets close to the top position.

I will test tomorrow with a different GamePad to make sure it’s not just a feature of my Xbox controller.

You did not even look at the links, I linked some that help with the movement methods, one of them has the math code to combine each direction…

Test using Gamepad Controllers in control panel…

Well seems in my rush I was the one to misunderstand you. I apologize.

Setting GamePadDeadzone to Circular instead of the default IndependatAxis worked. Thanks :slight_smile:

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