[SOLVED] MGSkinmeshPipeline Root Rotation Animation Problem

You did it! That cracked the case - I realized that the only way it could do that on both models is if somehow the original world matrix for the whole model was being transformed by bone1 … then I noticed this little culprit in my own code:

world = blendTransforms[mesh.ParentBone.Index]

And turns out even though I thought mesh.ParentBone.Index would always be 0… it is 1
(not sure why)
But since I’m ensuring the meshes are consolidated to 1 part, I can always use 0 like this:
world = blendTransforms[0]
EDIT: instead don’t use world = blendTransforms[some_index] since these are more for regular model hiearchy where things are placed around the world. Instead just do world = player_world_transform; // something like that :wink:

And that fixes everything! :grinning:

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Ah no you did it good work.


For anyone interested, I did finish a tutorial for importing complex characters in monogame - shows also how to edit the skin effect and cs and pipeline to allow more bones. I forgot to add how to parent objects(like a shield) and do custom blending like making the character look at stuff. I need to finish my current game before I make more tutorials. ;p