Sounds get distorted after a while

I’m using Monogame 3.2 and a Windows Phone 8.1. After a while my sounds get’s distorted, like they are resampled every time they area played and they get worse and worse. My game uses about 80 different sounds (compressed) and the game uses sounds very heavily.

Do others have problem with sounds on WP?

I got similar problems when using the AdMob control. The AdMob control keeps using more and more CPU every time, until it just hogs it and sound starts to sound distorted.

Didn’t found any solution other than disabling AdMob.

Is it possible you’re using lots of CPU?

The Cpu usage is low when starting about 10-20%. When sounds are played the cpu usage gets higher and higher and reaches about 70% and then sounds are very distorted. If sounds are disabled, CPU usage stays in 10-20% range. Sounds distortion happens in Lumia 1020 (WP 8.1) . In the emulator I have had no sounds problems. The culprit might be SharpDx sounds dll.

The problem wen’t away when I started to create SoundEffectInstances and saving them to an array and reusing SoundEffectInstances when needed. Previously I used SoundEffect.Play and let c# garbage collection to handle disposing created SoundEffectInstances. Seem’s to be that SoundEffect.Play leaves some garbage atleast in some cases when multiple sounds are played at the same time.

interesting. I have a pair of games which users complain about noise. I’ll try to update them and see if complains stop.